Comprehensive Dental Exam

During your first appointment, Dr. Clark will review your medical and dental history and gather diagnostic information that will allow her to explain what (if any) disease process is occurring in your mouth. Many people think that dental exams are only looking for cavities or gum disease. Dr. Clark also looks for signs that something could be going on somewhere else in your body.

Your comprehensive examination will discuss your teeth, your periodontal (gum) health, your oral systemic health , the result of your oral cancer screening, and your specific goals (cosmetic, increase function, longer lasting solutions or sedation to name a few). Dr. Clark understands that not all patients have the same oral health goals and will discuss with you the various options available for you to restore your mouth depending on your specific goals. Dr. Clark will go over the conditions present and explain different options you have and you can decide on the option that works best for you.

Springwoods Village Modern technologies


We have the most modern technology including both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional radiographs (x-rays) that can be taken without having to have the painful sensors placed inside your mouth. This is perfect for people who gag or simply do not like the feeling of having the sensor inside the mouth. The special unit we have also offers “ultra-low dose” radiation, which is the lowest dose of radiation possible for your protection.

Intraoral images
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Intraoral images allow us to take enlarged images of the tooth so you can see with your own eyes what is going on with your tooth.
We can also email the pictures to you so that you can discuss the treatment plan that you decide on with a family member without them having to come to the appointment with you.


DEXIS™ CariVu is a the newest of the diagnostic technologies that offers a radiation free way to see decay and cracks in teeth. It uses near infrared light to penetrate the tooth and allows Dr. Clark to see areas that are starting to get decay much sooner and much more predictably than a traditional x-ray does. What that means for you is that Dr. Clark can discuss different ways to stop the area from needing to be filled before it is too late.
This piece of technology is also good for people that are pregnant and do not want to be exposed to radiation.